Oils and creams for a good erotic massage

Each essential oil has its own identity, aroma and characteristics. When oils are mixed with each other, their benefits are also mixed. Each essential oil has its own distinctive aroma and therapeutic profile. Some oils are soothing and relaxing, while others are stimulating and invigorating. Certain fragrances have an effect on the mental state of those who use them, and certainly have the ability to greatly improve the positive effects of a nude massage, so whether you are an amateur or a professional, we encourage you to use these accessories to improve the experience.


Yang quality very useful to help elevate mood, with antidepressant properties. Relaxes, releases stress and contained emotions. Helps to increase self-esteem. It creates a sense of peace and well-being, calms anxiety. Warm and relaxing effect, its fragrance elevates the spirit, very useful to create atmospheres of meditation or creative visualization, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and muscle spasms.


It beautifies the skin that suffers from cellulite and retention of liquids strengthens our immune system, prevents cramps, relaxes muscles through its internal activation, promotes digestion and relieves constipation. It’s soothing and relaxing, it brings joy.
In a facial environment it helps to prevent skin aging and stimulates collagen formation.


It has an effect on the purification of the blood as it improves circulation through its heat and stimulation. It eliminates the stiffness of the joints and is anti-inflammatory.
It serves to stimulate emotional state. It is antiviral, antibacterial and relieves stress. It is also decontracting and combats pain from injuries by means of superficial heat.


An anti-inflammatory effect. It is used in psoriasis, burns, helps breathing problems by relaxing muscles and regulating the lung system. It is an excellent relaxant that helps to lower blood pressure and improves the regulation of the circulatory and cardiac systems, entering a state of well-being and balance of the nervous system, stimulates digestion and favours intestinal movement. Reduces muscle tension, especially lumbago. This is one of the few essential oils that can be applied to undiluted skin (also allows use in children and pregnant women).


Of yin quality, it is the most beautiful, repairing and illuminating essence that exists today. It strengthens the body through emotional stimulation, inducing calm and a sense of well-being by just feeling its aroma for a while. or its remarkable antioxidant effect. It is useful for aged or worn-out skin due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation and, with it, cellular nutrition. It is particularly effective in repairing and healing damaged areas and has a refreshing and luminous effect on the skin.


Thanks to its stimulating and toning effects, it promotes blood circulation and helps to strengthen the body’s immune system, acting as a prevention of respiratory and digestive tract diseases. It is linked to increased memory, improved concentration and drowsiness. In general, it favors the balance of the neuro-functional system. Thanks to its cholagogues properties, it helps to relieve stomach disorders, diarrhoea or constipation. Due to its calorific properties, rosemary essential oil is very beneficial for relieving muscular pains and bone problems, such as arthritis, lumbago, sprains, etc.