Have the time of your life with escorts in Barcelona

In business and tourist cities there is a tendency to increase the demand for escorts, paid escorts whose hiring may or may not include sex. These are usually young, educated, elegant women who are paid by their clients to attend meetings, parties or trips to other cities.

A luxury escort in Barcelona can charge 500 euros an hour and up to 9,000 euros for an entire weekend. Businessmen already plan their company ahead of the trip, because it is a companion profile that may not be available in the agenda if not with time.

Demand of escorts is increasing

A study carried out reveals that the increase in demand for escort escorts in Barcelona, 24% in the last five years via the Internet, comes mainly from foreign countries, which is possibly related to the increase in investment and foreign events in Barcelona. The analysis, based on the Google search engine, the most widely used in Spain, includes data registered between 2013 and 2017.

After analyzing the searches on Google related to sex escorts, some results are revealing. Although the majority of consultations are carried out from Spain, representing 73.8% of them in the last 12 months, demand from other countries tends to increase in the last five years. Furthermore, although 73.8% of the related queries are made from Spain, this does not mean that all potential clients are residents of the country, as a part of business people and tourists demand this service upon their arrival in Barcelona.

Spain and United Kingdom love escorts

By country, the ranking of searches, after Spain, is headed by the United Kingdom, with an increase in queries related to „escorts Barcelona“ or „Barcelona escorts“ of 109% in the reference period. Then there are the searches from the United States, with a 98% increase; Germany, with a 60% increase, and France, with a 36% increase.

In general, they are men who travel to Barcelona on business and are looking for luxury escorts to accompany them to the events, fairs, parties and private dinners they have to attend during their stay. According to the magazine Muy Interesante,“in most cases, the client of this service seeks above all else the feeling of superiority that provides to be accompanied by a woman with a high level of education and an excellent presence.

The demand from foreign clients for this type of services has increased due to the internationalization of Barcelona, especially for events such as the Mobile World Congress. The assistant of this type of events does not look for a quick meeting, but the experience of being accompanied in social events, where the main thing is that the escorts are a kind of partners, able to give conversation, show elegance and know how to relate. This type of girlfriend experience is often part of their lifestyle, especially on business trips.